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Divorce Planning

The financial consequences of divorce can be devastating.  We believe in mediation and the use of Certified Financial Planners to solve financial issues as a result of a divorce.  Through our assistance, it is our belief that the divorcing couple will save money (less attorney costs), get unbiased financial opinions, reduce stress and give confidence to the divorcing couple.

The goals of a CFP® are to:

  • To work collaboratively with involved professionals to show the short-term and long-term financial effects of different settlement options.  This involves doing a mini financial plan with a cash flow, balance sheet and income statement for each spouse.
  • To aid in couples in gathering and documenting income and expense data, plus organize asset and debt information for the preparation of legal documents .
  • To identify and prioritize the short-term and long-term financial concerns as well as produce powerful spreadsheets and graphs showing the effects of divorce.
  • To provide pension valuations or buyout options if warranted.
  • To NOT make investment recommendations and/or solicitations during the divorce process. 

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